Redefining Recruitment to Retention




Mismanaging a locum tenens placement can cost organizations both time and money.  Patients may lose access to care, organizations may lose revenue, and providers asked to carry additional caseloads may suffer from burnout.  When time is critical, having processes in place to fill a locum need can help healthcare organizations source, confirm, and onboard a locum tenens provider quickly and effectively.  This includes streamlined communication between the practice, in-house recruitment teams, onboarding teams, the medical staff office, and, in many cases, a trusted locum agency.

This course is designed for in-house recruitment professionals to gain an understanding of best practices to manage the locum tenens process for their organizations.

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    The Locum Tenens Management course provides participants with best practices for overseeing and leading the locum tenes process for their organizations. Through this course, participants will learn the many nuances of the locum process and gain crucial skills and knowledge to lead the locum management process within their organizations.